Innovative Clipless Pedal System

Innovative Clipless Pedal System

Product Highlight

Magnetic Traction

Our patented magnetic clipless system enhances your cycling experience by increasing your efficiency while still allowing the rider to disengage using natural movement.  Providing ease of use without sacrificing performance. 


The ETC system is made of high quality nylon composite with 420 stainless steel spindles.  Our pedals have gone through the industry standard ISO 4210 certification process. You can be sure these are built to last.

SPD-SL Cleats

The ETC Classis is SPD-SL style system have a large interface from your shoe to the pedal providing a larger contact point to ensuring stability and improved power transfer.


With over 4 degrees of float in addition to use of the standard 3 bolt system each rider can customize to meet their comfort requirements.

ECT Clipless Magnetic Pedal System

Coming Soon on 11/2021



Do I need special shoes for to use ECT Classic?

Our cleats are compatible with standard three-bolt shoes.

Can I use my existing SPD-SL cleats with Aveta Pedal System?

Our pedals use our proprietary magnetic system and thus are only compatible with AVETA cleats.

What is the difference between the ECT Classic and the ECT Classic Plus?

The ECT Classic has a pull force of 8.5 KG compared to the ECT Classic Plus which has a pull force of 10 KG.