Innovative Clipless Pedal System

Innovative Clipless Pedal System

ECT Classic

Introducing the ECT Classic Clipless Pedal System.

Magnetic Clipless Pedal System

Magnetic Clipless Pedal System

Discover the power of our patented magnetic clipless road pedal. Utilizing magnets to enable maximum power transfer yet easy to engage and disengage. Easy on easy off.

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Product Highlight

Magnetic Traction

Our patented magnetic clipless system enhances the cycling experience by increasing efficiency while still allowing the rider to disengage using natural movement.  Aveta provides ease of use without sacrificing performance. 


ETC provides over 4 degrees of float in addition to use of the standard 3 bolt system can be customized to your unique requirements to ease stress on your knees and ankles.

SPD-SL Cleats

The ETC Classis is SPD-SL style system has a large interface from your shoe to the pedal providing a larger contact point to ensuring stability and improved power transfer.


The ETC system is made of high quality nylon composite with 420 stainless steel spindles. You can be sure these are built to last.

ISO Certified

The ECT has passed the rigorous ISO4210 measuring strength, impact and dynamic durability.

Easy to Engage

To engage, insert the cleat and step down. Our patent magnetic system will hold the cleat in place. Allowing the rider to maximize their power transfer to enhance their ride.

Easy to Disengage

To disengage, turn your heel outwards. Feel security of clipless pedals knowing you can easily disengage when you need to.


What is the difference between the ECT Classic and the ECT Classic Plus?

The ECT Classic and the ECT Classic Plus have different magnetic strength. The Classic has a pull force of 8.5 KG which is suitable for riders transitioning to clipless pedals and smaller riders in general.

The Plus has 10 KG of pull force and is designed for more experienced riders.

Will the magnetic power weaken over time?

Our pedals use permanent magnets. Use under normal conditions it will maintain it's normal pull. Do not expose your pedals to extreme heat and clean your pedal system to maintain optimal performance.

Do I need special shoes for to use ECT Classic?

Our cleats are compatible with standard three-bolt road shoes.

Can I use my existing SPD-SL cleats with Aveta Pedal System?

Our pedals use our proprietary magnetic system and are only compatible with AVETA parts. /pages/instagram-feed

What kind of shoes can I use with my ECT Pedal System?

The ECT Classic and ECT Classic Plus are compatible with standard 3 hole road cycling shoes.

Will the cleats wear out

All Clipless Pedal Cleats are consumables.

However, different from most of the clipless pedal, ECT cleats only wear out on the TPU soft material parts. As long as the metal part on the cleats are undamaged, the cleats can be engage to the pedal as normal.

When should the cleats be replaced?

If the TPU soft material parts are damaged to a level where the metal part of the cleat could touch the ground while walking, we would suggest to replace the cleats.

What are the pedal plates?

The pedal plates allow you to easily turn your clipless pedal into flats for use with all types of shoes, so you can get more use of your bike.