Aveta ECT Classic uses our patented magnetic system enables users.    A large SPD SL style cleats provide a stable platform for easy engagement.   With over 8 kg of pulling force to maximize power transfer while allowing easy release.   This product is suitable for riders under 85 kg.


  • A pair of ECT Classic Pedals
  • A pair of ECT Cleats
  • A pair of pedal plates
  • 6 pairs cleat washer and screws


CNC stainless steel bearing, nylon + fiber composite material, permanent magnet, stainless steel iron sheet, TPU soft rubber, metal iron sheet.


  • Size: 108.5mm x 96mm x 31mm 
  • Axle length type: 4mm longer (distance to pedal axis 56mm)
  • Weight per pair: 356g/pedal + 115g/cleats, 103g/flat pedal





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